Senior Golang Developer

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    Web Development
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    PHP HTML CSS MySQL Godep Gorilla Mux Godoc Git SVN Mercurial
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Company ProfileTalnetwork is a fast, reliable platform that helps to build remote teams of global top talent. We provide equal opportunities to remote tech professionals irrespective of their region, gender, or age.
Project Details Our client is a large-scale European firm, seeking Senior Golang Developers to join their growing software development team. They are working on a high-tech project, using cutting-edge technologies, and are looking for highly skilled remote talent. The client offers market-competitive salaries with a great opportunity for learning and growth.  
Senior Golang DeveloperSenior Golang Developer
Department / FunctionIT Development
Report to Project Head
Vacancies / #02
  • Manage and organise an development team to deploy and deliver effective apps
  • Create a rich user experience by utilising controls and components from the AJAX control toolkit
  • Write UNIX shell scripts to automate the build process and execute routine tasks such as file transfers between hosts
  • Create batch jobs using EJB scheduling, and container manages transactions for high-volume transactions
  • Generate XML calls for a post, update, and delete API requests
  • Create a web presentation layer with HTML and CSS that adheres to internal standards and rules
  • Employ SQL XML to bulk load data into the system, allowing the programme to do real-time calculations
  • Use PHP, HTML, MySQL, and JavaScript programming abilities
  • Work on Java automation tools for production deployments and SDLC knowledge base
  • Utilise Python and shell for scripting, as well as SQL for the backend, to create a reporting system
  • Using Jenkins, automate build procedures so that developers may build for various Linux distributions with each code contribution
  • Contribute to the creation of build scripts in UNIX
  • Attend scrum planning team meetings on a daily and weekly basis
  • Using JSON format, extract data in the UI for many customers
  • Use JUnit to write unit tests and TestNG to write system tests
  • Use the JUnit framework to do unit testing on various project modules
  • Knowledge of the Go programming language, paradigms, constructions, and idioms
  • Understanding of popular Go routines and channel patterns
  • Extensive knowledge of the Go frameworks and tools
  • Godep, Sltr, and other dependency management tools
  • The templating language of Go
  • Stringer, one of Go's code creation tools
  • Popular Revel Router packages, such as Gorilla Mux, are examples of Go web frameworks
  • Capability to write compelling and tidy Godoc comments
  • Knowledge of code versioning technologies such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial
  • 8+ years of Go programming of total software development
  • A bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a closely related discipline
  • Reasonably proficient in written and verbal English communication
Working Relationship 
  • IT Team, Business Team
Performance Measures
  • Daily tasks Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Goals
Compensation Structure 
  • Market-Competitive Salary

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